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Science of Sports Betting

Course 1: Top-Down

Middling, arbitrage, reverse engineering, bankroll management, bet sizing, closing line value.
Includes free access to Foundations for Sports Betting.

Next Cohort Begins May 1, 2022

Course 2: Bottom-Up

Calibration, backtesting, shrinkage, linear regression, logistical regression, statistical distributions, case studies.

Next Cohort Begins July 1, 2022

Art of Sports Betting Analytics

Course 1: Small Data

Hidden generators, process variance, parameter variance, ballast methods, credibility, model assumptions. 

Next Cohort Begins May 1, 2022

Course 2: Bayesian Methods

Bayes theorem, conditional probability, hyperparameters, conjugate priors, mixed models, case studies. 

Next Cohort Begins July 1, 2022

Data Management & Engineering for Sports Betting

Course 1: Scraping, Parsing and Databases

Data acquisition, extraction and storage, Python, Excel, SQL, CSV, XML, JSON, HTML, case study. 

Next Cohort Begins May 1, 2022

Course 2: Automation, Execution and Bots

Github, Selenium, cron, APIs, authentication, scripts, end-to-end case study. 

Next Cohort Begins July 1, 2022

Master of Sports Betting

The Analytics.Bet Master of Sports Betting program is a six-course intensive program that teaches all of the essential aspects for building a successful sports betting operation.

Next Cohort Begins May 1, 2022

For payment plan options for the complete Master in Sports Betting program, please contact us at

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