Master of Sports Betting

The Analytics.Bet Master of Sports Betting program is a six-course intensive program that teaches all of the essential aspects for building a successful sports betting operation.

Master essential concepts, and mathematical, behavioral, and statistical techniques for developing a systematic approach to winning.
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Middling, arbitrage, reverse engineering, bankroll management, bet sizing, closing line value. 

Calibration, backtesting, shrinkage, linear regression, logistical regression, statistical distributions, case studies. 

Develop probabilistic intuition and modeling expertise to design and evaluate profitable strategies.
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Hidden generators, process variance, parameter variance, ballast methods, credibility, model assumptions. 

Bayes theorem, conditional probability, hyperparameters, conjugate priors, mixed models, case studies. 

Leverage the power of data and code to implement, manage, automate, and execute algorithms for scalable sports betting.
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Data acquisition, extraction and storage, Python, Excel, SQL, CSV, XML, JSON, HTML, case study. 

Github, Selenium, cron, APIs, authentication, scripts, end-to-end case study. 


  • Learn what pro bettors and syndicates know.
  • Become a sharper sports bettor.
  • Connect with a professional network of students, alumni, faculty, industry leaders, and legendary sports bettors.
  • Gain access to exclusive live events, office hours, and career opportunities.
  • Access Analytics.Bet code, data, and other tools.
  • Earn a Master of Sports Betting degree (upon successful completion of comprehensive exam).
  • Become eligible to contribute to the official Analytics.Bet blog and Journal of Sports Betting.
  • Instant access to all available courses.
  • $12,000 program tuition includes instant access to all available courses.
  • Limited scholarships are available for the Master of Sports Betting degree program.
  • Each course is offered individually for $2000 on the Course pages. 
  • Science of Sports Betting
    • Course 1: Top Down – Next offering August 1, 2022
    • Course 2: Bottom Up – Next offering July 1, 2022
  • Art of Sports Betting Analytics
    • Course 1: Small-Data – Next offering August 1, 2022
    • Course 2: Bayesian Methods – Next offering July 1, 2022
  • Data Management & Engineering for Sports Betting
    • Course 1: Scraping, Parsing and Databases – Next offering August 1, 2022
    • Course 2: Automation, Execution and Bots – Next offering July 1, 2022


Aaron Green
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The course was awesome!! Harry and Philip did a great job of laying the foundations while simultaneously providing value to more experienced bettors with advanced topics and guests. My motivation for taking the course came down to my interest in forecasting and markets in general. I think the lessons here are broadly applicable and will help me in my explorations on where to focus my time and energy on my next big project. I think regardless of whether or not I get into betting more seriously, my investment in your course is worth it...
Tom Quinn
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I have really enjoyed the course. The biggest negative I can think of is that I wish each class was 4 hours, which is definitely a compliment. Overall, great class. I went into the class thinking I needed to refresh / enhance my quant skills to continue to improve. My primary takeaway is that I need to improve my data management and efficiency more than anything.
Michelangelo Whitson
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Enjoyed the course - given me a lot of food for thought and opened my eyes to some different approaches to things too. I like the dynamic between Harry and Philip presenting the course, and if it weren't for the late night start/finish for me in the UK I might contribute more but it's fast-paced enough that there's plenty to digest too.
Caveman Sam
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The class exceeded my expectations! 10/10 would recommend to others. Outside of arbing, my knowledge on sports betting, prior to this class, was minimal. For the novice, this class is exactly what I was looking for. I come from other advantage play worlds so I signed up looking to add more tools to the toolkit. One aspect about the class I really enjoy is the level of detail you guys dive into by taking the time to prove concepts. A lot of “ah ha” moments. Overall the course has been invaluable. Thanks for putting this together!!

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